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Tortuguero Wildlife Tours

Tortuguero is not just about the nesting sea turtles. It is actually one of the best places to see wildlife in Costa Rica. The natural water trails within the Tortuguero National Park are a unique and stunning attraction that are accessible throughout the year

Our boats seat up to 9 or 19 and are equipped with electric motors to get close to the wildlife

The river tours we offer are in a stable, comfortable, flat-bottomed boat equipped with a quiet, environmentally-friendly four stroke motor and a super-silent electric motor. All our tours are led by experienced and professional naturalist guides. You will go slowly through the natural waterways of the Tortuguero national park looking (and listening!) for wildlife. The commentary you will hear generally describes the area and the most relevant parts of its history. Of course you will have the natural history of many of the plants and animals described using interesting examples so that you will have a better understanding of what they are and how the flora and fauna is related to its environment. The tour generally lasts three hours.

Our electric-powered boats are permitted to go into all the places where only canoes are allowed. For our more adventurous guests we now also offer canoe tours with excellent, licensed local guides who are members of the Tortuguero Guiding Association.


Walking tours can be self-guided through the trail in the national park. This can also be done with one of our experienced guides. Another interesting hike is to the Tortuguero Hill which is a 119 meter (390 foot) high extinct volcano located at the river mouth three miles from the village. One needs to get there by boat and then there is some physical hiking involved to get around the base of the hill. Climbing up to the summit is currently not permitted but there is plenty to see around the base. The forest is more mature than what is found at the trail in the national park. There are poison dart frogs on this trail and of course it's possible to see monkeys, toucans and possibly even Great Green Macaws . This tour also lasts about three hours. Note: A water taxi fee applies and is determined by the number of people on the tour. The use of rubber boots is obligatory if you want to walk on the trails of the national park. We provide a number of boots of different sizes free of charge for our guests. The information centers around the village rent them for about $2.

Night walking tours on private land are available in the early evening. (2 1/2 hours). You usually see some of the small night life (frogs, insects and at times small mammals or snakes). These tours are usually conducted outside of the turtle nesting season.

Apart from the famous waterways and nesting turtles, the Tortuguero national park also offers a visitors center which is a short walk from the village.

Canoes and kayaks are available for rent in the village.

There is also a good canopy or "zip line" tour available in the area that we would be happy to arrange for you. They can pick you up from our private dock on the river.


Turtle tours (for Leatherbacks from March to May and Green turtles from mid-June to October) are offered in season. You will be accompanied by one of our licensed expert guides. The national park administration requires that you are accompanied by a licensed guide. This tour may last up to two hours but sightings cannot be guaranteed. You will always come back knowing a lot about the turtles and their nesting process. All our turtle tours include a local "tax" to support the "Turtle Spotter" program that helps safeguard the nesting turtles and provide a better experience for the human visitors to the beach. Make sure you receive the sticker that shows you are supporting the program. Click on the link below.

Turtle spotter Program

Other Activities

We can help you find whatever you like whether it be wildlife and birdwatching, hiking, kayaking, zip-lining or even trying your hand at catch and release fishing. We want to help you to have a complete Tortuguero experience.
Entrance to the Tortuguero national park ($15 per Adult and $5 per child 6-12yr per day) is not included in the price of the tours. Please write for the current prices of our high quality tours

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Have a complete and genuine Tortuguero experience staying and touring with us