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Casa Marbella is a small family-run inn located in the middle of the village of Tortuguero

Daryl Loth and his wife Luz Denia started renting out two rooms in their house in the year 2000. Their idea was to offer interesting, environmentally-friendly tours and alternative accommodations to the all-inclusive options that were practically the only thing available at the time. This way the visitors to Tortuguero National Park would be free from fixed "package" tour itineraries, the massive movement of guests and fixed buffet meals.
The inn now has grown to 11 rooms that are modest, clean and comfortable. We don't pretend to have large or luxurious rooms and have remained relatively small so that the attention remains more personal.
The rooms have screens in all the windows and a ceiling and/or floor standing fan. Bedding, bath towels and soap for bathing are all provided.

Every room has a private bathroom. You do not need to share your bathroom with other guests.

Every room has at least one window. Some rooms have more than one.
Your hosts still believe that most people who come to Tortuguero are nature lovers at heart and want to see wildlife and not spend time in a swimming pool or bar. They are dedicated to providing clean and comfortable lodging (and delicious breakfasts) to those who want to be close to all the incredible areas to be explored.
The restaurant only serves breakfast (7:00-10:00am) as your hosts strongly recommend that you try some of the delicious offerings of the many and varied restaurants in the village.

Our staff are all from Tortuguero. They are well trained and fulfil all the requirements to exercise their respective duties (food handling etc.). We may have been able to find better-trained employees from the urban central valley but we are strong believers in employing the local people. You will find that they are amongst the friendliest, most helpful and informative that you will find anywhere.

Roberto Menocal is our resident guide. He has a guiding license authorized by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute) and the national park service and having grown up in the area is one of the best wildlife spotters you will find anywhere. His extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna along with his good nature (and good humor!) combine to make any tour with him a memorable experience.

All our staff know that good customer service is rule #1.

What Casa Marbella is not

As much as we would like to cater to every taste we realize that Casa Marbella is not for everyone. We have received some flattering reviews from satisfied guests but we need to make some things clear before you book with us.
We humbly recommend not to come if:
  • You require air conditioning (a fan is almost always sufficient for most people)
  • You need a swimming pool
  • You need all your travel arrangements to be taken care of (We are not a travel agent but we can give you the necessary links and other information on this site and through emails).

Please remember that we do our best to serve you well. We are all human beings who are subject to errors from time to time like everyone else. We endeavour to maintain international standards but it is helpful to remember that a positive attitude while travelling in a country with a different language and slightly different customs than yours is recommended for your maximum enjoyment.

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